Slow Dance

Gerald Brennan—composer, lyricist, pianist, singer

Cut to the chase. “Want to see a movie and then go out to dinner?” Sure, sure. How about cutting out the middle part and getting to what you really wanted all along? But let’s not be unseemly in our haste, after all, we are not animals! Let’s dance first. Nice and slow…
They are SO not going anywhere tonight.

They’re not going anywhere tonight.
They had plans for dinner and a show, but that’s all right.
He draws her down
to sit by the fire.
She pours him wine
looking fine, looking fine…

He loves how the firelight is playing with her hair.
She can feel the magic of the romance in the air.
She takes his hand.
They start a slow dance.
Stopping to dwell
on the spell in the other’s eyes.

Kissing now
they notice how
the room is getting warmer
since the champagne was popped.
They don’t even know that the music has stopped.
No, no, no, they’re not going anywhere tonight.

How could they think of going anywhere tonight,
all alone, dancing in the golden candlelight?
He draws her close,
she draws him closer –
caresses that led to her bed,
to her bed.

They’re not going anywhere tonight.
No, they’re not going anywhere tonight, no, no…