Sleepyhead (studio version)

Gerald Brennan—composer, lyricist, singer
Sue Booth—singer
Garrett Schmittling—guitarist
Patrick Brennan—keyboards, arranger, producer

This is a straight-ahead lullaby from the stage musical Penelope.
Penny’s husband Euell has been gone for many years, missing in action and presumed dead by everyone except Penny.
Their daughter, Rose, is getting to the age where simple, hopeful putt-offs are no longer satisfactory answers to her more and more frequent questions about ‘who and where is my daddy?’
Penny finally tells her the truth of the situation, and at last rounds off their emotional encounter with a sweet song to put her to sleep.

When the light of the evening
is fading from the west,
And the world all around us grows tired.
Sleepyhead, the twilight’s on the hill.
Now the stars flash and glitter,
like diamonds.
Sleepyhead, the sun has gone to bed,
Bearing the light away…

Let your dreams have their say,
It’s all just a game that our heart likes to play.
If you’re sad or afraid,
Just open your eyes to my serenade.

Gentle breezes are stirring,
they hardly make a sound.
Over fields and deep rivers they whisper.
Sleepyhead, the sparrow pipes a tune.
Now the gray light is dawning,
the morning.
Sleepyhead, the silver moon has fled.
Bearing the night away,
Bearing the night away.

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