Simply Life

Written by renowned scientist and thinker Paul Gorman.
The scientific and the sentient worldviews have virtually nothing in common.
The scientific worldview, by definition, excludes self-awareness as a valid constituent of objective reality. It regards consciousness as a curious byproduct that the universe can just as easily do without. The sentient worldview by contrast seems compelled to inform its reality with an eternal and infinite consciousness, of which we are but a faint projection and to which we owe our every creative impulse.
Can these two worldviews possibly coexist in any meaningful way?
Is the scientific worldview truly complete and consistent?
Is the sentient worldview simply a delusion dreamed up by insignificant organisms on an inconsequential planet that just happened to support the evolution of life?
Or is it possible that both science and religion have been in some sense flawed in their approach to reality?
Gorman brings to life his quest that seeks to reconcile the inner and outer lives of an accomplished scientist and mystic.
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