Patrick O’Neill

About Patrick O’Neill – poet

hmmm, I am unfamiliar to myself as topic. but i will try. Name’s Pat O’Neill, self taught poet/naturalist leading a life of remote exile in northern Michigan. Eldest son of a detroit area attorney, victim of catholic education delicately balanced with a nihilistic outlook on things.

My favorite writers are (and this is hardly absolute) Joyce, Pynchon, Faulkner, Camus) wrote poems since an early age, read prolifically… and in the later sixties, i discovered drugs. ha ha

Hobbies include deer hunting (all forms, prefer bow) training bird dogs and hunting grouse, raising two sons and appeasing a most delicious wife of 24 years.

My career is where I live, little else. In 1983 I had an opportunity to leave Detroit (west side, yes city limits) and go north, I had by that time established a more presentable transcript thinking I would apply to u of m and get degree in range ecology… I opted for the lifestyle,

college be damned. Never sure if that was the correct decision, but you should see where I live!

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