Impatient Boy

Gerald Brennan—composer, lyricist, pianist, singer

Men never completely grow up. Impatience is not a manly trait; it’s boyish. And nothing turns a sho-nuff man into a boy faster than falling in fresh love with a woman who is not there when he craves her. He gets antsy. His mind ducks into strange and uncomfortable detours. His dreams are infested by erotic notions of every kind. He’s in a prison of his own making till she returns. Silly boy…

I’m just a boy,
An impatient boy.
Playin’ with you is my only true joy.
I feel it now when you’re gone,
how I need your love all the time,
I need your love now.

I’ve been a sad
and impatient boy,
waiting for something that time can’t destroy.
Tomorrow comes and it’s gone,
it just turns into yesterday,
just turns into yesterday.

My heart is my jailer when you’re far away.
There’s no one to bail me so please don’t delay.

Don’t let me down
when my feelings sinks low.
‘Cause I’m just a boy,
I don’t know where I’d go.
I see your face in my dreams,
makin’ love in the starry night,
makin’ love in the starry night.

But how can I fly by myself to the stars,
and be left alone in the nighttime
when I’m still a boy?

I’m just a boy,
an impatient boy.