Eight Short Stories

Eight contemporary tales, from fable to horror, crime, romance and science fiction. For adults who like to read and don’t like to be bored while they’re doing it.
  • The Obstinate CanaryA prideful young opera singer confronts his girlfriend’s objections to his lack of success, as she threatens to leave him for a vacation with another man.
  • Running MirrorA starfleet officer becomes a criminal on the day of his retirement – the best day of his life.
  • The Tale of Danny LaRueAn angel in a dream reveals to a young man that he has an appointment with Death that very night.
  • Love Story with FluteA fable set on a modern Indian reservation about the love of a boy for an older girl.
  • Blowing SmokeA coarse man schemes to trick an elegant, worldly cigar expert out of his vintage Ferrari, by betting his own wife against the expert’s skills.
  • The Other MaryA naked woman in church heralds a life-change for a young priest.
  • The Twilight of Iggy FlynnAn Irish assassin arranges his final hit.
  • Ambrosia, or, Write What You KnowA man reclaims a lost love through a desperate scheme.
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