Patrick Brennan—producer, keyboards
Gerald Brennan—composer, lyricist, singer
Garrett Schmittling—guitarist
Kevin Floyd—bass
Bobbie Meyers—drums

I’m not real sure if this song is about a man finding salvation through a woman, or through a religious experience, which is a little odd, since I wrote the song. Maybe it’s both. Hmm… I’m gonna go with that.
When producer Patrick was polishing up the double solo for lead guitar and voice, he noted that the singer sounded like he was in hell. I had to smile, because that’s exactly where I had put him. I suppose the song is about his efforts to get out of that place before it annihilates every last bit of himself.
And I predict that Garrett will melt your face with his spectacular guitar solo, which I hope will let the listener enjoy the agonies of hell from a safe but still scary distance.

Deeper than delusion,
Madder than confusion,
Darker than seclusion.

Sanity is sadness,
Happiness is madness,
Innocence is over.

Youthful dreams have fled me,
History misled me,
Hope and fear have bled me.

But I found you to love me
The dark and cold night through
That’s when I knew.

Somethin’ here is empty,
Somethin’ here is empty,
Hide me from my angels.

Hide me in the whiskey,
Powders, pills and needles
Laughing whores at daybreak.

Hide me in the daylight,
Find me in the shadows,
Close your eyes and see me.

When I found you to love me
The dark and cold night through.
O that’s when I knew.

Through the darkness gropin’,
Love will pry me open.
Your love has pried me open.

Step into the sunlight,
Blinking in the sunlight,
Dunk me in the river

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