Gerald Brennan—composer, lyricist, pianist, singer

Lyrics are sex-independent. Could be sung by mom or dad. Their daughter has flown. They don’t know where or why. No warning – or so they thought. But the more they thought about it, the more they realized that the signals were always there. They never abused her. Just loved her. But as a child, and never noticed that she had become a woman with new needs. I hope she gets in touch with them soon.

Our home was a joyful place.
Now, Arietta, where are you?
Running from our little world that you outgrew.
Just a girl, now you’re gone.

How were we the last to know?
How could I look
but not see through?
See past your artless disguise and reach down to
touch your young woman’s heartache,

My Arietta,
my girl,
now listen to your heart,
and come home to me.