Anticipating Love

Gerald Brennan—composer, lyricist
Sue Booth—singer
Patrick Brennan—keyboards, arranger, producer

This is a song from the stage musical Penelope.
In this scene she is in her bedroom getting ready for the prom, while three different suitors are waiting in her living room arguing over which of the three is actually supposed to take her. (Hint: none of them.)
Kind of a straight-ahead young-lady-fantasizing-about-falling-in-love-with-Mr. Right sort of song. (Hint: she does.)

I’ve never seen the lover whom my heart speaks of,
I only seem to know I’m about to.
I’m certainly anticipating love,
but don’t know where to find you.

There’s a little hint of magic in the air tonight
that buzzes like a bee all around me.
My heart, that’s flying higher than a kite,
sends shivers up and down me.
I don’t know if I should be searching high or low,
but I know that I’ll be there when he finds me.
I’m certainly anticipating love…

I’ll be all the things he’s always dreamt a girl could be,
he’ll be everything I’ve always wanted, too.
Walk around and hold my hand,
give me kisses on demand,
always there to understand
when feelings make me cry
or laugh or sigh or be alone.

Will he love me for eternity or, or just a season?
Or maybe he’ll be gone with the sunrise.
Or maybe he’ll grow weary of my charms
and vanish when the fun dies.
Don’t know who or when or why or where or how
and I won’t know what to say when I find you,
but I’m certainly anticipating love,
I’m certainly anticipating love.

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